Yes, Telehealth Can Keep You in Touch with Your Dermatologist!

istock 1211098201 Life looks quite a bit different now than it did at the beginning of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your dermatologic needs go unattended. Many medical offices around the country have hit pause on in-person visits to prevent unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. However, Dr. Shondra Smith continues to serve patients in the Lake Charles area with personal, compassionate care that is conducted virtually, comfortably, and safely.

The Rise of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the general term that describes virtual visits with doctors. Some offices do this via an app on smartphones or other devices. Some conduct visits through iPhone video chats, Zoom, or Skype. We make telehealth as easy and user-friendly as possible so patients can get the care that they need. The question that many have that may keep them from making an appointment is how can a televisit help with a dermatologic concern. Dermatology has historically been known as a visual practice. This is true, and also doctors can continue providing a high standard of care in most dermatologic situations.

Before scheduling a virtual visit with Dr. Smith, patients may need to contact their insurance company to ensure they will be covered for their care. Amid the current pandemic, most insurance companies are treating telehealth visits the same they would an in-person visit.

How Telemedicine Serves Dermatology Patients

One of the most common visits conducted virtually is one that continues care. If you have been seeing Dr. Smith for an ongoing issue, such as acne, and have been using a medicated cream or pill, you can rely on convenient telemed visits to maintain your prescriptions and follow up on your skin health.

What if you’ve never seen a dermatologist but you or a family member is experiencing a rash or other type of dermatologic symptom? You can still obtain the level of care that you need via a virtual visit. Dermatologists typically do not need special instruments or tests to diagnose common skin conditions. A video chat can most likely accurately diagnose conditions like poison ivy, shingles, psoriasis, and eczema.

The area where telehealth falls short is in the performance of skin cancer screenings. Doctors often use a special instrument called a dermatoscope to closely observe suspicious lesions. It is important to understand, though, that if you have a suspicious bump or growth, it is better to have a virtual visit than no visit at all. Dr. Smith can conduct visual observation with a thorough consultation and determine the next best step to ensure your skin health and general health are guarded.

Don’t put off seeing the dermatologist. We’ve got you covered. Call 337. 477.0011 to schedule your visit today.

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