What Is Dysport Treatment For?

Portrait,Of,Young,Beautiful,Woman,With,Perfect,Smooth,Skin,Isolated No one likes the appearance of wrinkles and the way they immediately draw attention. That’s why new treatment options are emerging for those who wish to delay the signs of aging. Dysport® treatment is among the best filler options available right now.

How are Dysport injections different from the numerous other filler options you can request from your dermatologist? Let’s dive in and find out.

What Are the Advantages of Using Dysport?

As noted in the introduction, there is no shortage of filler options if you’re looking to enhance or maintain your appearance. With so many options available, why should you stick to using Dysport?

For starters, receiving Dysport treatment won’t disrupt your routine. You can head to the dermatologist for a new round of treatment in the morning and proceed with the rest of your day afterward. Patients are not required to stay indoors or avoid physical activity following a Dysport injection. That distinction alone makes it superior to comparable options for many people.

The lasting effects of Dysport injections also appeal to a wide range of potential users. Expect the effects of Dysport injections to last for around five months. With that much time between treatments, you can easily plan for your upcoming sessions with the dermatologist.

What Signs of Aging Can You Remove Using Dysport?

Dysport injections excel at staving off the signs of aging. They are especially effective at removing the frown lines that tend to emerge near the brows. You can also effectively address your fine lines and other wrinkles with the help of these injections.

Due to the similarities between Dysport and Botox®, you might be wondering about the potential side effects of using the former. More specifically, you’re probably wondering if using Dysport could lead to developing an unnatural appearance. But rest assured that Dysport will help your skin look and feel younger without introducing any unnatural elements.

Check Out the Dysport Treatment Provided by Dr. Shondra Smith

Give Dysport treatment a try by booking an appointment with Dr. Smith. Call 337-477-0011 to set your appointment. You can also visit her website to make arrangements for Dysport injections.

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