Varicose veins on the womans legs

The Benefits of Laser Sclerotherapy for Treating Spider Veins

Varicose veins on the womans legs Estimates show that between 30-60% of adults have spider veins or varicose veins. In some cases, spider veins can cause pain and aching, as well as restlessness, throbbing, and other symptoms. One option for getting rid of spider veins is laser sclerotherapy. Not only can this treatment help to alleviate these symptoms, but it can also create smoother and more attractive skin.

What Is Laser Sclerotherapy?

Laser sclerotherapy is a type of treatment for spider veins that uses wavelengths of light. The treatment helps seal off spider veins, which causes the blood to pool in the veins.

How Does Laser Sclerotherapy Work?

During the procedure, a local anesthetic will be given to ensure you are comfortable. A tiny catheter is then inserted into the targeted vein. The catheter has a laser and a sclerosing agent, which is passed into the veins.

The energizing laser is then used to heat up the vein. This causes the vein to collapse in its entirety and become sealed off from blood flow. As a result, the vein constricts and contracts from the skin.

In most cases, the treated veins will fade instantly. However, there are some instances where it can take a few days to weeks for them to vanish.

The Benefits of Laser Sclerotherapy for Treating Spider Veins

You can expect several benefits from laser sclerotherapy, including:

  • Quick Results: In many cases, the spider veins are no longer visible immediately after treatment.
  • More Precise Results: The combination of the sclerosing agent and laser allows for more precise treatments.
  • Fewer Treatments Needed: If you treat spider veins with sclerotherapy alone, you may have to go back for a second or third appointment. With laser sclerotherapy, most patients achieve favorable results in only one visit.

If you are interested in getting laser sclerotherapy to help with your spider veins, contact Dr. Shondra Smith at your earliest convenience.

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