Stop Inadvertently Aging Your Skin

Naturally, our skin will age as we grow older. It may be inevitable, but we don’t have to be guilty of aiding and abetting! If you’re concerned about how your skin may be aging and you want to slow the progression of lines, wrinkles, and laxity issues, you need to be aware of the habits and activities that may be inadvertently expediting unwanted changes in your skin. We’ll discuss them here.

Sun Exposure

We’re going to expose our skin to the sunlight, that’s just part of life. However, when we do, we can prevent damage by wearing sunscreen. A simple, judicious application of broad-spectrum sunscreen can help you avoid DNA damage, free-radical damage, and the breakdown of healthy collagen. Your body doesn’t produce much new collagen after your mid-twenties, so you want to protect and preserve what’s there! Each morning before going outdoors, apply an SPF 30 sunscreen to your face,  neck, chest, and all other skin that will see the light of day.


Smoking is notorious for causing fine lines around the mouth and eyes simply through facial movements. What you may not realize is that smoking also supports the production of free radicals that are associated with premature aging. The chemicals in cigarettes, including nicotine, reduce blood flow to the skin and, robbed of oxygenated, nutrient-dense blood, the skin becomes dry, dull, and wrinkled.

Alcohol Consumption

Even moderate alcohol consumption can dehydrate the body. All of the body, including the skin. This habit is also associated with collagen and elastin damage, which can accelerate age-related changes such as flattened cheeks and jowls. The ideal is to avoid alcohol altogether. An alternative is to limit alcohol consumption and, when you do imbibe, drink plenty of water.

Unfriendly Environments

If you work or live in an environment in which heating and air conditioning are constantly on, you are continually exposing your skin to too much dryness. When the air is dry, the moisture is pulled from the skin. To offset a dry environment, you can apply a quality lotion or cream as needed. During the winter months, you may need to reapply several times a day. Another way to reduce the effects of an unfriendly environment is to place a humidifier in a room to add moisture to the air.

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