Laser Hair Removal: What the Pros Know

You know you want your skin to be smoother. You have grown weary of the whole shaving, plucking, or waxing routine. If the task of grooming unwanted hair were to magically disappear, you wouldn’t never long for it. Laser hair removal can make this happen for you. If you’ve been thinking about moving forward with this effective treatment process, there are a few things you’ll want to know. The first thing we want you to know is the timing could not be better at this point in the year, so hop on a call with a friendly member of our staff to schedule your consultation to begin laser hair removal now.

  • Laser hair removal requires hair, but not too much. There’s a tricky little thing about laser hair removal that patients want to know before their first visit. They need to shave. Shaving about 24 hours before treatment limits hair to the follicles themselves, which prevents unnecessary discomfort. The tip is, shave, don’t pull. Waxing and plucking are a thing of the past once laser hair removal is on the books.
  • Laser energy is not finicky. Laser energy is what gets rid of unwanted hair by targeting its pigment. This same energy is equally attracted to the pigment in makeup (regardless of how closely it matches the skin) and to the pigment in the skin itself. The tip is, attend appointments without makeup on the treatment area and avoid all forms of tanning, even creams, while treatment is ongoing.
  • The bikini area is not off-limits. Many women love the idea of a bikini line that has no hair, no red spots from shaving, and no itchiness. But laser hair removal in this area is also a little intimidating. What if the lady parts get zapped accidentally? This is not problematic in most cases. The tissue in the bikini area typically will not incur any damage from a quick zap. However, like anywhere else on the body, laser hair removal can lead to burns in the hands of an inexperienced or poorly trained technician. The tip here is to obtain treatment from a board-certified physician or nurse.

Wintertime is a great time for laser hair removal and all other laser treatments. Explore the services available in our Lake Charles, LA office by calling 337. 477.0011.

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