Is It Time to Redefine Your Jawline? We’ve Got Options!

istock 1148853310 The jawline typically is not the first area of the face we look for the signs of aging. Usually, we see lines and creases around the eyes first, then the nose and mouth. It isn’t usually until middle age when the jawline starts to really soften into jowls. However, more and more younger adults are noticing that they have submental fullness. Another way to describe this is having a double chin. There are a few theories regarding why we’re seeing more double chin fat these days. More than understanding why this problem develops, we’re interested in knowing how to resolve it. In our Lake Charles office, we have multiple options for eliminating double chin fat, and they may be easier than you had imagined.


CoolSculpting is widely known for its outstanding results in eliminating stubborn fat on various parts of the body. It was first developed as a treatment for excessive abdominal fat. It expanded over time to become a solution for flanks, thigh fat, bra rolls, and, finally, the dreaded double chin. CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells. It can do this without harming the skin because fat is more susceptible to cold temperature. Studies indicate that each CoolSculpting treatment can reduce fat in a given area by approximately 25%. In just a few treatments, a double chin can be gone for good. 


Unlike CoolSculpting, Kybella was originally developed as a solution for submental fullness. This technique destroys fat by introducing deoxycholic acid into the intracellular space where fat cells live. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally-occurring chemical that breaks down fat in the digestive process. When introduced into the layer of subcutaneous fat, it melts fat cell membranes, resulting in their destruction. Like CoolSculpting, it may take a few Kybella sessions to achieve optimal results. 

CoolSculpting and Kybella are excellent treatments to resolve double chin fat. While proven safe and effective, neither will tighten loose, sagging skin. If you have excess fat as well as lax, thin skin in the jawline and upper neck areas, Dr. Smith may develop a treatment plan that involves fat reduction and skin-tightening. 

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