How to Decrease the Appearance of Rosacea

A young girl with a problem skin Rosacea is one of the most common skin conditions affecting around 14 million people in the US alone. The symptoms of rosacea can vary from person to person, and even individual flare-ups can differ.

Most commonly, rosacea is a redness of the face that can cause blood vessels to become visible through the skin. In more severe cases, rosacea may create small bumps on the skin that are often red and can be filled with pus.

As there has not yet been found a reason why the symptoms vary from person to person, a specific cause of rosacea and a cure have not been developed. Within the medical and dermatologic community, rosacea is most often attributed to hereditary and environmental factors.

Although the symptoms of rosacea are generally painless, they can affect your self-image and confidence. And despite there not being a cure, there have been significant studies and steps taken for the management of rosacea symptoms.

One of the best ways to manage outbreaks and flare-ups of rosacea symptoms is to try to identify and avoid certain external or environmental factors that might be triggering the rosacea. Some of the most common include temperature extremes, alcohol, spicy foods, stress, and many others. By avoiding triggers like these, you might see some relief.

If your rosacea is triggered more by internal factors or heredity, avoiding triggers might not be enough. In these cases, there are several treatment options that, while they will not cure your rosacea, are usually very successful at managing the symptoms.

To manage the symptoms from the inside, your doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics that help fight inflammation and the formation of small bumps. Topical creams, not unlike those used for severe acne cases, can help soothe and heal bumps or lesions that formed. To help treat the aesthetic changes from rosacea, laser treatments are very effective.

There is no reason to try to treat your rosacea alone. Contact Dr. Shondra Smith, Dermatology and Advanced Aesthetics in Lake Charles, LA, or call us at 337-477-0011 to get treatment plans specifically for you.

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