How Intense Light Energy Can Even Skin Tone and Help Reverse Damage

Woman beautiful face healthy skin care natural beauty As our skin forms the protective layer around our body, it goes through a lot and can quickly appear worn and damaged. While there are a lot of at-home regimens using special ointments and creams that can help maintain a healthy skin layer, some damage requires more treatment than you can give yourself at home.

Along with damage caused by everyday life, genetics play a significant role in the appearance of your skin. These genetics can cause the appearance of brown, patchy areas, general redness, or broken capillaries and have a direct link to the symptoms and appearance of rosacea.

Since these are all conditions that form beneath the surface of the skin, it takes a treatment that reaches below the surface to reverse or slow the progression of these symptoms.

By using intense pulse light (IPL) from the Ellipse IPL system, Dr. Shondra Smith and her team can use a non-invasive and painless method to even your skin tone and reduce the appearance of many other skin conditions or general damage.

The Ellipse IPL treatment involves using a handheld device that glides over the skin and emits an intense pulsed light that is non-invasive and non-ablative. The hemoglobin absorbs this light in your blood and melanin in pigmented areas, which convert the light into heat energy.

The heat destroys the parts of the cells where melanin is trapped, encouraging the body to heal and create a more even skin tone and healthier layer of skin.

These treatments take less than an hour and are generally painless. Depending on the area being treated, there may be mild redness and swelling. However, these can be addressed with cold compresses and usually subside within an hour after treatment.

Regardless of why you have an uneven appearance or pigmentation of your skin, call Dr. Shondra L. Smith Dermatology and Advanced Aesthetic in Lake Charles, LA, at 337-477-0011 or contact us to see if Ellipse IPL can you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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