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smiling woman in evening dress with glass of sparkling wine over night lights The holiday season is nearly over and, if you never got around to gifting yourself that beauty treatment you’d wanted, now is as good a time as any. Sure, we say we want to look our best before the holidays because we may be in dozens of pictures with friends and family. However, once this season has ended, we may be both filled and a little depleted. The season of joy giveth and it can taketh away, too. If you’re not looking or feeling your most exuberant, come visit our dermatology and advanced aesthetics office in Lake Charles. We can develop a treatment plan just for you. Some examples of easy beauty-enhancing treatments will be discussed here.

Get Your Glow On

Sometimes, all the skin really needs is a boost in radiance. We’ve got multiple ways to achieve this, but two of the simplest are chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Both are types of exfoliation that go beyond what you can do at home. Our VI chemical peel service helps the body to release dead and damaged cells from the epidermis. These cells may clog pores and most definitely block a healthy glow. After a chemical peel, the skin may look red and may flake or peel a few days after treatment. This can take a few days to complete but typically does not get in the way of normal activities. Microdermabrasion also sloughs off nonvital skin cells, but it does so immediately through the use of microcrystals. The particles gently dislodge skin cells and the device tip immediately sweeps away the debris. Minor redness may occur after this service but tends to fade within hours.

Restore a Youthful Shape

We don’t mean body shape, we mean facial shape. As we age, the bottom of the face tends to look wider and droopier while the top of the face can seem to flatten out. There are a number of ways to address the loss of facial youthfulness that don’t involve surgery. In fact, you don’t even have to go the injectable route if you don’t want to. Our Profound device works from the inside out to remodel the foundational layers of tissue, restoring more firmness and elasticity. The Profound system is an FDA-cleared radiofrequency (RF) energy-based device that is clinically proven to create close to five times the normal amount of elastin and twice the collagen in a single nonsurgical treatment.

Your new you awaits! Contact our Lake Charles office at 337. 477.0011 to schedule your visit.

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