Did You Know Your Filler Treatment Can Do This?

dermal filler treatment Lake Charles, LA Many people seek dermal filler treatment to correct the lines and creases that form around the mouth and nose. Maybe you’re also considering this treatment for yourself. If you are, we want you to know what to expect. You may be very happily surprised to learn that, when we fill certain parts of the face to improve the smoothness of the skin, a lift effect also occurs.

Volumizing is the first objective of dermal filler treatment. The secondary effect of lifting is a bonus that has recently become apparent enough for some people to seek dermal fillers as a type of non-surgical facelift. The mechanism is quite simple. We can think of the face like a balloon. When the balloon is full, its surface is smooth, and it holds its shape. As the volume of air in a balloon decreases, its surface softens and changes shape. With enough deflation, the balloon wrinkles.

Facial volume clearly does not come from air. The face is filled out by bony structure and by fat. Both of these decrease with age. People who have researched the aging process may realize that the fat pads that fill out the cheeks deteriorate with age and fall to the lower part of the face to create jowls. What many people don’t know is that bone also changes. All that we need to know is that the decline of facial structure can be corrected, and facial fillers make an excellent option.

Why Treating the Cheeks can Lift the Jowls

One of the common complaints that patients express is the widening and sagging of the lower face. This relates to that decline in contouring in the midface, or the deflation of the upper part of the balloon. When deflation begins in this area, it is also common to see undereye bags form. Both problems can be corrected with an appropriate amount of dermal filler product added to the upper cheek and lateral cheek area near the temples.

Dermal Fillers Aren’t Just for Filling Lines

The years of study that have gone into facial aging have paid off. We now have a vast understanding of structural decline and have identified ways to correct the effects of this problem without the need for surgery.

Learn more about what dermal fillers can do to boost your youthful facial aesthetic. Call our Lake Charles office at 337. 477.0011.

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