Common Myths About Kybella Injections

Beautiful brunette spa girl with glowing hydrated facial skin touching healthy palm. Kybella is a new injectable treatment that removes excess fat under the chin, improving the facial profile. The injection works by killing the fat cells in the area surrounding the injection site, and since the cells die, the effects can last forever. There are many falsehoods surrounding this revolutionary product. Let’s look at the common myths about Kybella injections and separate fact from fiction.

Myth: Kybella Injections Are Invasive and Painful

A doctor administers the medication for the procedure through a syringe and does not place you under anesthesia. The health care provider, however, may use topical treatments to make you more comfortable. Over-the-counter pain relievers also reduce discomfort. 

Myth: The Effects of Kybella Are temporary and Won’t Last

The results of Kybella injections are permanent. The fat cells die and no longer store fat. The human body only creates new fat cells until around 20 or so. Beyond this age, the fat cells expand or contract with weight gain or loss. Any area treated with Kybella cannot grow with weight gain due to dead fat cells. 

Myth: Recovering From a Kybella Injection Is Long and Painful

After undergoing the Kybella procedure, there will be some localized swelling and inflammation, which subsides within 48 hours. Most clinicians recommend avoiding makeup for the first 24 hours after the injection and avoiding vigorous exercise for two to three days. 

There is a noticeable fat reduction and skin tightening within the first month after the injection. Patients can expect continued improvement over the next three to six months, and final results appear in about half a year. 

Myth: Kybella Injections Are Unsafe

The FDA approved Kybella injections in 2015 to treat submental fat, and the treatments are considered safe. Additionally, a double-blind, randomized study in 2018 substantiated Kybella’s effectiveness. Nearly 80% of the people receiving Kybella state that they are happier with this part of their face than before the injections.

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Kybella is a safe, effective, non-surgical alternative for individuals seeking a reduction in submental fat. If you live in the Lake Charles, Louisiana, area and would like more information about Kybella, contact Dr. Shondra Smith with Dermatology and Advanced Aesthetics at 337-477-0011y to schedule a consultation.

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